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November 22, 2009
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Another look at my take on the Character Six, from the show Tripping the Rift. A "probulator" is a machine mentioned in the show Futurama. I thought the two should meet.

You know the story, Cyber-sex-slave-turned-science-officer shows up for her routine check-up, everyday probulator machine does a 7-D level A probulation, and it's love at first sight. It happens everyday :)

I guess I wanted to do something like the title screen to Tomb Raider Anniversary, where Lara stands around, moving slightly, while you choose your options or enter the game.

Looking at it now, I think she's moving a little too much, but overall it's not bad I'd say.
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same here dude
she needs a bit more of a ribcage
what is the matter i cant download the swf file
I just tried it now, seems to work just fine.
Wow very cool graphics, nicely done ;)
Seeing as your using Poser, you could output the model as an .obj along with all the textures.

I've been looking for a decent 3D model of six myself, as I've been pondering with the idea for XXX animation with all the characters.

If you wanna do a swap, I'd be willing to build the other characters, or at least sourcing them.

Oh, I've also been pondering the idea of an adult version of Bob the Builder, which might be interesting.
I`ll pass on Bob the Builder, though it would be nice to get some more characters for Six to interact with. Just last night I started on making a "Dark Clown Thug" using the Free Apollo maximus figure. The non-humonoids, like choad, are beyond my skills.

As the base figures aren't mine to give, that's something I can't do. providing the tools to put her together, that's something I'd consider if I could get another character out of it. Feel free to send me a note on this.
Simple but nicely done. Had you not mentioned it being similar to the title screen to TR:A (bearing in mind I have not played the game), I wouldn't have thought it more than just a short and sweet animation. However, everytime I look at it now it just looks like the kind of animation you would have for a title screen or a character selection screen (say, from a fighting game or any game where you need to pick a character class). It just has that vibe.

I also think this indicates the humble beginnings, should you ever have the desire and opportunity to attempt it, of an interactive animation. Clicking on different parts of her body or having options around the screen, producing different results.
I'm working on it :)
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